Carrie Barber Hypnotherapist
Cert Hyp.CS, Dip.CST

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Natural Birth

Giving birth is a natural thing to do.

Mothers using hypnobirthing enjoy the birth experience with the help of hypnosis for relaxation.

The classes are 8 hour duration taken over four 2 hourly classes by arrangement with the Practitioner

It is recommended that the course start at around the 27th week of pregnancy, but can be taken later.

Couples are taught how the woman’s body works in harmony with her baby.

This knowledge dispels the myths surrounding birth and removes the fear and tension which is the main cause of pain in childbirth.

The expectant mother and a birth partner are taught self-hypnosis, and other hypnotic techniques to use during the birthing experience making it stress free.

Myths of Hypnobirthing

You may be a mother-to-be who would like to attend the classes but are afraid of being hypnotised because of the myths surrounding hypnosis. Hypnosis is a state of physical and mental relaxation. You relax into a safe dream like state (trance) then accept positive suggestions which you remember and act on them as they are for your well-being.

All hypnosis is self-hypnosis; you have to consent for it to happen.

No hypnotheraptist no matter how experienced can make you do anything against your will or that morally you would not do.

I can't make you run around like a chicken with no head unless you want to!


"I felt I'd benefit a lot from hypnotherapy to keep me calm and to practice over the weeks to keep calm about the birth "

"I listened to your recording yesterday and that really helped, so thank you!"

"It was brill, thank you!"

"I highly recommend this method of preparation"

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Current class dates 2017

Sunday mornings 10-12pm October 1st / 15th / 22nd / 29th   

How To Book

Classes can be taken from 27 weeks pregnant & are two hours long, held over four sessions.

Cost £295. 

Maximum of five couples per class. 

For available dates or to book please email [email protected] or call 07825 816759 click below

Benefits of Hypnobirthing

You will learn:

Hypnosis and birthing

Myths of birthing

Preparing for birthing

How to give birth naturally

The role of the professionals

The birthing partner’s role

Positions the baby may adopt 

Helpful positions in pregnancy and childbirth

How to avoid intervention

Writing a your birth plan

Baby’s reaction to outside stimulus

How your body works during pregnancy

To recognise when labour has started

To understand each phases of labour, 

...and much, much more!

About your "Hypnobirthing Practitioner©"

Carrie is a qualified Hypnotherapist with a Certificate in Hypnotherapy & Counselling Skills working in Norwich. She is also a Therapeutic Skills Practitioner (Dip CST.) & a member of the National Hypnotherapy Society’s Accredited Register- the only hypnotherapy body to have its register recognised by the Professional Standards Authority. Carrie is a Registered "Hypnobirthing Practitioner©" from the "Guild of Advanced Hypnotherapists©” & is qualified to show you the natural way to give birth. She has studied how the body works in childbirth, & also how to avoid unnecessary intervention so that birthing is achieved naturally. For your safety in mind, Carrie has Professional Liability Insurance.

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Classes will be held at-

The Complementary Health Care Clinic,

34 Exchange Street,

Norwich, Norfolk,